Friday, March 13, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:2000 Topps Gold Label Premium

It's Friday the 13th so time to strap on your hockey masks and go visit Crystal Lake looking for unsuspecting victims.

Or you can just go to and come see the latest Kerry's Cardboard which will be worth the visit.

Whatever floats your fancy.

Today's Kerry is a limited edition numbered fun-ness out of 2000 Topps Gold Label.

Topps Gold Label from 1998-2000 was an incredible beautiful product. It was printed on thick plastic-type cardboard, it glistened and even had levels of rarity and parallels that matched the same.

2000 was my dark year in the hobby so I never got to experience or see the greatness that version brought. Until now. I found the latest Kerry Collins need for $.75 and $.49 shipping which is an extraordinary deal to me for a card that is numbered and from an era where numbered cards were not always easy to find.

You know it's the Premium parallel because of the left side. Unlike parallels today, Gold Label listed there's on the card.

Such a sharp card with a beautiful layout full of color.

and even on back of the card. This one is numbered to 1000. These parallels had no odds and fell randomly in packs.

That does it for today's Kerry's Cardboard. Time to get ready for next weeks.

Have a great Friday everyone and as for me, I will be avoiding the nearby Crystal Lake today.


  1. Hmm, reading a blog post, or visiting a lake that's frequented by young woman who have a penchant for skinny dipping? Talk about difficult decisions :)

  2. I really need to go back and watch the first two or three movies in that series. Don't think I've watched any of them since my childhood.

    P.S. Topps Gold Label was a great product line. I also felt like they were the inspiration for the eTopps line.

    1. I liked the 6th and 8th one. The first two though I would say are the creepiest from the series.