Monday, March 16, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 32:1996 Topps Chrome Football

I already updated my 1998 Topps Chrome needs, now it's time to tackle the original, the OG of Topps Chrome, the 1996 edition.

I immediately fell in love when Topps Chrome released. I didn't quite understand why they chromed the base at first, but after a few rips I didn't care. It was awesome.

Here is my latest set add thanks to @CardpocalypseNC.

And my updated look at 1996 Topps Chrome football that has a long journey ahead of it.
1996 Topps Chrome Base Card Haves

It's not much, but every one of these sets have their journey towards completion. This one is just underway.

As always, if you have some set help for me, just drop me an email @ and maybe we can work out a trade!


  1. that's a great design! It may take awhile for this one but it will look nice in a binder!

    1. Yes it will but can't wait to see if I can pull it off

  2. I remember a lot of collectors chasing Phillips back in the day. Shame he wasted that talent and made so many poor choices off the field. That being said... I wonder what that Chrome rookie card of his peaked at.

    1. There was a stretch of time there when players like Phillips wasted their talents because of off the field issues like Carruth for example.