Saturday, March 21, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 34:1997 Topps Chrome Football

The final post for my 90's Topps Chrome chase is one I have been knocking down big rookie cards of. I have so far landed Jake Plummer, Warrick Dunn but still need Tony Gonzalez and his awesome dunking job over the goal posts.

Once again, it's another set with only 165 cards in it and feels like a chase. Which I don't mind.

Back in 1997, I actually had completed the set and held onto it for a couple of years before moving out of my parents house where my father eventually sold it.

So here I am 23 years later chasing down what I once had.

Thanks to @CardpocalyspeNC I was able to knock down a couple more

John Randle

Robert Smith

Here is where I currently stand.
1997 Topps Chrome HAVES

It's not too far, I need to also see if this is completely updated as well. But, it's a start and I have a couple of the key ones knocked down so that's an important part.

That's it for sets today. If you like what you see, maybe you should try to have some sets yourself. It's starts out slow then really builds up as you go!


  1. Oh man... your father sold it? I'm fortunate that my parents never sold or thrown out any of my cards. Well... at least I hope they haven't. I haven't actually sat down and inventoried all of the stuff I have stored at there place in a few years.

    1. Yes and he sold so many great ones including the Vince Carter Topps Chrome rookie refractor we had. That was a sad day