Monday, March 23, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 35:1995 Summit Football

If I was to choose a fourth favorite base set from the 90's, that's grouping all Spx hologram sets at number one, it would be Spx, Zenith and then Summit.

I can't explain what drew me to it, but I really fell madly for it.

The 200 card base set included solid base design

A couple of well named subsets such as Collision Course

And all of the key rookies from 1995 such as Steve McNair and Kordell Stewart.

Thanks to my recent mail day from @CardpocalypseNC I was able to add a nice stack of base towards my set. If only it was this easy to add the Ground Zero parallels. I still have a ways to go with those.

Here is where I stand with the 1995 Summit base set though,
1995 Summit Base Needs

I have come a long ways, but still have a journey to go to complete this one like I did in 1995. I have said this before, the point of my sets chase is to enjoy what I once had all over again. I am simply a nostalgic blogger.

That does it with Sets talk this time. As always, you never know what sets we will discuss next.


  1. I liked Summit too, they weren't my favorite brand but it was a sharp looking set that felt higher-end than most of the others. Probably because of the thick cardstock and clean white backgrounds. Look at that pile you've got compared to say, Topps or Upper Deck. It stands out. The parallels were nice, too.

    1. yes i am still working on the parallel set. It's taking awhile trying to find the deals for the Ground Zeros

  2. SPx would definitely be up towards the top for me too, but Summit was one of those middle of the road products for me. The one thing I remember about them was the thick card stock though... which was pretty cool.

    1. yes I liked the thick cardstock which at the time wasn't a norm. I for some reason was hooked on the design as well and felt it was high end