Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 37:1996-1997 Spx Hockey Complete Set

Thanks to my big trade with @90sNicheFBcard, I was able to lock down some more sets from my Spx of the 90's project.

Three of them to be exact.

Today's knockdown is the 1996 hockey base card set. I gave up trying to knock it down card by card, so I jumped on the opportunity just to own it as a whole and here it is in all it's glory.

With this one in hand, it narrows my 1996 Spx hockey down to finding the Holoview Heroes, Wayne Gretzky promo, Wayne Gretzky autograph, Wayne Gretzky Comm, and the Wayne Gretzky draft card. Some of these I have since picked up. Not sure I will ever land the Gretzky auto with those high rates. Unless one of you have one for trade.

Stay tuned for more Spx adds coming up!


  1. Congratulations on picking up the set! I have the set along with the Holoview Heroes, the Gretzky Tribute card, and the autograph. But I'm missing the gold parallels and the SPx Force inserts... which I doubt I'll ever attempt to buy or build unless I find them cheap at a flea market or show.

  2. Very nice cards! This was such a unique set, even in the hologram-happy '90s. I loved the rounded edges and team color backgrounds and borders.

    1. I miss hologram happiness. Especially looking at today's cards.

  3. Nice set to own, congratulations! If I remember right, you'd only get one card per pack. Or maybe two. Seemed absurd back then.