Saturday, March 28, 2020

RJ's Cardboard:Catching Up On Many Part 2

Welcome back to another week of RJ's Cardboard. Ready for more fun? Let's check it out boys and girls!

All Americans from Prizm Draft with two Pink Pulsar parallels

More Prizm Draft this time with a blue and pink pulsar base parallels. Those pink pulsars look spectacular!

Rainbow chase? Nah. Just trying to get what I can. Chasing a rainbow of a top player is impossible to do with the outrageous costs. But, so far I have base, silver, pink pulsar, green and orange. Could be a couple more on the way as well.

Contenders Lottery Ticket. I really like the look of these with the sparkles, the design as a Lottery Ticket and the Knicks logo that is hidden in the background

Certified Blue. It's not numbered, but hey.

The essential to any NBA collection, a players Prizm rookie. Now if I could only trade for a silver....

Prizm jersey card. My first relic of him.

Then came this. Say what you want about Panini, but these Ugly Sweater relics are the best looking things since sliced bread with melted butter.  The relics are colorful and pop off the cardboard. I landed this one pretty cheap which is still impressive for a top draft pick. I want more of these for sure!

This isn't all of my Barrett's yet. More are on their way but I will save those for another day. $25 A Week challenge returns next week with some brand new finds so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, if you have any RJ's for trade, let me know!