Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Yankees Have Arrived!

My latest round of goodies arrived from Bryan, @90sNicheFBCard, that covered a variety of PC's.

From NY Giants, to Rodney Hampton to 90's set needs and even to NY Yankees and players I am focused on from the team. I guess after knowing me for so long he has me figured out well.

This mail day was a pretty good sized one and the only way to really appreciate a mail day like that is to break it down some. So today, we will focus on the NY Yankees.

And just like all of the Spring Training videos we saw of the Yankees arriving, these cards arrived in fashion the same way.

I put up a post last week that mentioned how I was narrowing my Yankees PC down to basically Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres, but what I failed to also add was Derek Jeter and 90's inserts of Yankees will remain hot wants for me as well.

I will hopefully get the pages on this blog more organized soon. I was pretty impressed by Jon over at Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts blog and his layout by sport/non sport. I think I will head that direction as well.

As for now, the layout is what it is and here is some of my mail day from Bryan,

Gleyber Update rookie. There is something about this young stud that I like. I don't think he gets enough spotlight or hobby attention but I am okay with that as it's easier to acquire his cards that way.

Another Gleyber Update from the set for the All Star Game.

Topps Gold Label, the cards still look nice but give me the 90's version any day over this one.

Loving this new Judge addition! I didn't get any 2019 Gold Label so it's nice to see in hand.

A couple of Derek Jeters I didn't have, another player that's not easy to send me without checking in first. I have over 300 different Jeters which makes him by far my biggest of the Yankee PC.

And a couple more new Aaron Judge additions.

This is just the opening layer of this impressive mail day, there is still plenty more to show over the next few days.


  1. And I like the way that you've done your lists! Makes it easier to find things :)

    1. Not as easy as yours! I hope to really redo all of mine similar to what you accomplished. Going to be awhile before I have time to.

  2. Solid Jeter collection. Whenever I come across cheap Jeters, I get excited about adding him to my collection. He's one of the few Yankees I go out of my way to collect.

    1. He is definitely a polarizing player. Good guy as well makes it an easy decision for me to collect him.