Monday, March 23, 2020

Twitter Has Me Piled In Mail Days

It's fun getting mail days and it's fun getting them all at once, but being a blogger and blogging them all in a good time frame, not so much.

I know a lot of bloggers especially are not really fond of the whole Twitter scene, but I really like it. I think it all depends on what type of people you follow on there if you will enjoy it or not. I just don't follow anyone. They have to be specific to what I like. I mean, why wouldn't you follow someone specific to what you collect or have the hobby's best interest in mind?

Recently I was a recipient of some freebies via @NGTCollectibles Sunday giveaway thread. Sadly, unlike most of the ones I have mailed to in the past, I am actually going to thank my givers even though I am a tad late.
@gingersnap4004 had this DK Metcalf up for grabs and I needed this one for my rookie PC, so I asked nicely if I could have it and he sent it. Thanks man!

The next mail day was supposed to be a one card grab from that thread for the EX set I am building but he ended up sending three more towards my set chase. This has gotta be right up there with the greatest looking base sets all time. I may have to do a ranking on that some day.

Thanks @Alindz99 for the set help and especially the bonuses!

The final mail day I need to catch up on from Twitter is my first trade from @goingdeepe who had some NY Giants relics he thought I could use.

Well, he was right. I don't turn down any Giants relics no matter the player.
Really cool die cut jersey number of Rueben Randle

Ron Dayne. Been adding a lot of Daynes recently, not even on purpose.

And another Dayne. I was always back on forth on him whether I was a fan or not because his play was so up and down.

Another Rueben, this time without the number die cut sauerkraut

And we finish it up with another Randle.

Rueben by far is my biggest "hits" PC I have for the Giants. Nobody is even close.

Thanks for the first time trade David. Hope to do more down the road.

As this article shows, Twitter can be a great place. I do understand some of the bloggers that do see the dark side of it, I just flip through or unfollow those types so I don't have to see it. But, Twitter is basically what you make of it and if you use it right, it can be quite a positive experience.


  1. I was always a fan of those EX sets back in the day too!

  2. I hope Metcalf blossoms into a star for the Seahawks. I just added my first rookie card of him to my collection this weekend. And the 1997-98 EX2001 set is so awesome! Have you picked up the Duncan already? I can't believe how hot his cards are right now. The graded EX2001 card I bought last year has more than doubled in completed sales. And his Chrome has quadrupled in sales. But the one that has shot up the most is his regular Topps rookie. They're selling for almost 10x what I paid less than a year ago. Crazy.

    1. I dont' have that Duncan. I didn't know his stuff was flying high. This will be a tough one to complete just like anything of the 1996-1997 stuff that involves Kobe I want such as Ex and Spx. The Spx sets are insane right now that has his rookie in them.