Friday, April 24, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:2000 Sp Authentic Buyback Autograph

I have some great Kerry Collins autographs, but one of the cooler ones I have is this 2000 Sp Authentic Buyback auto.

I had my eye on this card for sometime and finally messaged the seller who had it listed for the longest time and made an offer and they took it. My guess was they wanted to unload it so they just took the offer so they wouldn't have to re-list it again.
The autograph is on card and numbered to 202. there is a lower numbered version of this one as well. I believe that's on a different card signed.

The one thing I find off about this autograph this time is the fact that Kerry usually signs with his jersey number and this time didn't. Maybe he went through a stage of not doing so.

The autograph also came with this certificate of auth and

matching number sticker on the back of the card so you know its real.

Well, that does it this week for another Kerry's Cardboard. More to come!


  1. Very cool! I haven't picked up any of those buyback autos yet.

    1. They are pretty cool and it's on card, which is what we don't have now-a-days