Friday, April 10, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:Dennis Sent These

Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog fame, found me some SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCKK Kerry Collins in my last mail day. I am not even sure how he ran into these, but I was so stoked that he had.

Since I am behind again on Kerry Collins, I thought I would sum up the new additions from Dennis all in this post.

This Mirror Image 1st round draft pick usually falls 1:4 packs as a base, but being a refractor, it is 1:36 packs.

One of the best looking Kerry Collins rookies out there! This is the sweet refractor version. I can't find odds on these so not sure how hard they were to pull.

Next up, Trophy Collection. Wooooooooooooo. These fell 1:4 packs. I never get sick of seeing Dufex.

And finally, who doesn't appreciate some Sportflix in their lives. This is the Artist Proof fell at a tough 1:36 packs. These are so tough that I am still missing the Rodney Hampton one for 1994 or 1995.

Thanks to Dennis for grabbing me these when he spotted them. Much, much appreciated!!

Go check out ARPSmith's blog while you are at it for a pretty sweet mail day and easy contest to enter! Find it here:


  1. Wow. That rookie refractor was probably worth triple digits back in the day. Dennis hooked you up with some sweet stuff.

    1. Yes he did and I bet it was. It's sad they all went down hill like that.

  2. The rookie refractor is pretty cool, but what's even cooler is that Dennis was able to find one that didn't have the "remove peel" right over Kerry's face!

    1. Agreed! And I am glad that someone didn't peel it off