Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Breakin' Wax:1995 Stadium Club Football Series 2 Box Break

Not too long ago I showed off a box of 1995 Stadium Club football Series 1 on here I busted thanks to my buddy Shane. Now it's time to show off how Series 2 went which I felt was a better break between the two.

So let's check it out!
Unlike Series 1, I went retail for Series 2. There are 13 cards per pack and once again some fun inserts to chase.

The base cards for the second series look the same and are still apart of the 450 card set.

The photography is still stunning as you will see with this Swann card and some more following it

Unlike Series 1 with the Xtreme Corps, Series 2 had Expansion Team cards from the Panthers and Jaguars.
Like this one for the Panthers
and my boy Mark Brunell for the Jags.

Series 2 finished rest of the Series 1 Draft Pix such as Steve McNair

Now onto my inserts
Ground Attack fell 1:14 packs. Another set I am seeking by the way. They feature volcanoes, lava and foil, can't go wrong.

MVP falls 1:18 packs. I pulled two of the best with Emmitt and Rice with the laser cut.

And this almost stuck to the back of another card Power Surge card Michael Irvin that fell 1:28 packs. And yes, another set chase.

Like I said box number 2 was better than box 1. Better looking inserts, bigger names pulled.

There will be more boxes coming up soon to look forward to such as 1995 Zenith football, 1996 NFL Lasers, and 1995 Pro Line Classic Series 2.


  1. Those laser cut MVP inserts are awesome! Don't think I've seen that Favre before. I like it.

  2. That box lid is one of the most '90s things I've ever seen. You sure did find some good cards inside, too.

    1. Thanks! And yes, 90s screams at with the cards as well

  3. Stadium Club cards from the nineties are always hit and miss for me, no matter which sport. Some are nice and some are pure nineties, and not in the best of way.

    1. Very true. One thing they at least have is the photography to fall back on if all else fails