Thursday, May 7, 2020

I Got To Pick Julie's Pocket Or Two

One of my favorite blogs to read is A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog written by Julie. I love her creative approach to every post and putting all heart into it. You can feel the passion, not that you can't with every blog, but hers really stands out.

She has a section on her blog called Pick Pockets. Where you can Pick Pockets of cards she is giving back to regular blog readers. The ones who come back for many reads.

This last time her Pick Pockets were filled with many goods and it didn't take me very long to find some stuff for my PC.

90's cards are always my first sought after and this Kerry Wood Omega online fit the bill. Who ever thought in those days the internet would be what it is now.

 The way life is right now, this spaceship that Rusty is running from wouldn't surprise me. This is simply a great base card.

Fractal Matrix was some of the cooler parallels of the 90's. I also really liked the die cuts.

Baseball Stick-Ums were a must have in packs of Collectors Choice. We don't really have a fun product like that anymore, nor do we have Upper Deck anymore for baseball cards. Hmm...

 Still as slow as a turtle collecting this set. Someday it will be complete

Once again, 90's inserts over hits of today.

Totally Certified in the 90's looked so much better than Panini's attempt at it. I can see why it didn't last long. This product was so simple, but yet in demand at the time. This is my first hockey base from the product I believe.

 I didn't go all 90's with Julie. Something about this guys signature caught my attention

And Dan Morgan who went on to have a quiet solid career with the Panthers. Now he currently is with the Buffalo Bills as a Director Of Player Personnel.

Some great pickups for the PC in this mail day.

Thanks again Julie! I gotta hit you back with something down the road, will have to see what Tigers I have lying around :)


  1. Fleer Metal seems to be trending big time right now thanks to MJ. I love seeing the hobby receive so much attention.

  2. Seems like the last couple of times that one of the companies has done sticker inserts, that they haven't gone over very well, meaning that mainstream collectors just might not care about stickers anymore.

    1. Very true. Just wished they would do it right if they do. Collectors Choice did it right and maybe make it a kid friendly targeted product.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. If my scribbling puts a smile on just one face with each post, my intentions are met. Really glad you like the cards. I’ve always loved Stick-ums along with Glow Stars and many Fleer stickers. It’s hard to have too many! I have a small binder dedicated to stickers. Regular Topps and Panini stickers are fun within a trade but never something I would purchase. (Also, my want list tabs are current...if that helps any. ;)

    1. I sent you something already but plan to again :)