Wednesday, June 24, 2020

7 Day Trading Card Challenge Day 7:Best Hobby Trend in 2020

My buddy Tim over at Cardpocalypse, has created a 7 day Trading Card Challenge which has taken the blogosphere by storm.

There is a good variety of topics to cover throughout the challenge so are you up for the challenge? I am.

So let's take a look at  the final day of this challenge, Day 7 of the challenge which is Best Hobby Trend to emerge this year.

There are many trends I could pick that were the worst ones sadly, but there were a few good ones I could choose from. I will go offbeat with this one and say, the Best Hobby Trend to emerge this year is.......


With everything going on this year, I have seen so many collectors lift others up by doing giveaways and RAK's, etc. It's been great to see and be apart of myself. This year has been anything but great but seeing others finding ways to make it better for others not only helps yourself feel better but everyone else. I hope this hobby trend continues as I see the road not getting any smoother for the rest of the year as it appears the trend this year is a full push down of the pedal of bad things. I call it the 2020 Hunger Games.

And yes, of course there are still those bad apples out there but the only thing you can do for them is either pray for them or keep on encouraging them as well to make a change. Or you could do both. You never know what some positivity can do.

I wrote a piece over at Cards Over Coffee on Positivity which you can read here,

A Little Positivity

So I encourage you to do your best to make someones day better, start today. We are all in this together.


  1. The world could use a little more positivity right now. Personally I think they should read about all of the generous blogger care packages being passed around among us.

    1. Agreed. There is a lot here. I was summing it all up into RAKs

  2. I like the thought behind trying to encourage some of the more problematic collectors to change, even though it's much easier said than done, it's still nice.

    P.S. 2021 isn't looking like it's going to be much better, so we might need to increase our giving (RAK's), if that's even possible?

    1. Very true. Won’t be easy to with the always rising costs to ship

  3. I think this was a great selection for the topic. Thanks again for participating(and supporting) the challenge!