Tuesday, June 23, 2020

7 Day Trading Card Challenge Day 6:Favorite Non Sport Card

My buddy Tim over at Cardpocalypse, has created a 7 day Trading Card Challenge which has taken the blogosphere by storm.

There is a good variety of topics to cover throughout the challenge so are you up for the challenge? I am.

So let's take a look at Day 6 of the challenge. Favorite non sport card. Man, I could have gone 100 ways with this one as my non sport collection has really grown over the past couple of years. I love adding autographs of my favorite actors and actresses and singers.

But, I will go with cards from a newest non sport chase, my Chevy Chase chase. That doesn't sound right but it's true.

I already showed off my dual relic of Chase and Murray, but there are a couple more I added as well

How about this 6 piece one with lots of super star power from the 70s including one of my wife's used to be crushes in Robert Redford.

Or this 8 piece relic with many legends of comedy all on one card. This one is also a parallel numbered to 25. I had to really talk the seller down on this one and after much back and forth, we agreed on a middle number.

Once again, I am a tad disappointed they didn't use a small face image with the relics when they use most of these people in other parts of the product as actual images.

I am not sure if this is the end of the road with this PC or if I will seek others out. There is still plenty more different ones of these to chase.

Final day of the challenge coming up next time.


  1. All of those different swatches are really cool. It's a shame there aren't photos of the actors to go with it.

    1. I know. Yet they use some of these actors faces on other cards. Makes no sense to me

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. Leaf is the main non sport producer. If I believe