Friday, June 26, 2020

June 26 1963

On June 26, 1963, President John F. Kennedy delivered his greatest speech at the Berlin Wall.

Today, on June 26 2020, I deliver one of my coolest relic cards in my collection.

In 2001, Topps released American Pie product that was a hybrid baseball/non-sports set designed to captured the essence of America at the height of the Baby Boomers Era of the '60's and '70's where a lot happened.

The product covers a lot of events, musicians and athletes of the time. 

There was some big names to chase across the board with relics and autographs as well including this unique relic of the Berlin Wall where John F. Kennedy spoke.

Great design and really cool relic

Here is a closer pic of the relic up close. Just some crumbs from the Berlin Wall. Makes you wonder how you acquire such relic to use for the cards.

The Kennedy is the cheapest of all the relics included and most can be found for well under $10. Which for me owning a piece of American history for that price I will take all day. The other relics are of musicians and those go for $50 and up. Boxes of this product still hold a heavy price of $150 and up.

How many of you have seen or own one of these? What was your favorite moment of the 60's and 70's?


  1. People were selling bricks from the wall for quite some time following it's destruction. So, your best case scenario here is that Topps bought a brick (or remnant) from the secondary market, then scraped, or pulverized it, in order to get dust/powder for their cards.

    1. Hopefully! I didn’t know they sold pieces or it. That’s pretty cool

  2. I remember seeing these shortly after that product came out. Always thought it was really cool, but never prioritized picking one up for the collection. Maybe one day.

  3. Awesome card! One of the coolest budget relic cards out there. I don't think I own any of the other cards from this set, but I own this one. I wasn't alive in the 60's... but my favorite moment from the 70's has to be when my parents took me to go see Star Wars.

  4. A great product! BTW, June 28, 1964 was also a great moment in history. <8^D