Sunday, June 28, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:2007 Hero Decks Georgia Bulldogs Football Playing Card

Once again, oddities are my favorite pickups for Rodney Hampton. It's what defines me as a Super Collector of the particular player. It helps my collection stand out and makes my numbers go up.

Rodney only has so many cards in his career and most are being narrowed down right now and getting tougher to find the ones I need.

This one popped up for $3 and free shipping and that fits right in my budget so I added it.

Card features a caricature front and a note about Rodney and his time with Georgia

Back of the card is a Bulldogs helmet. Pretty slick playing card.

I have also found a NY Giants edition of this I still need to get. Only problem, it's in a deck of cards but it's NY Giants so it won't be too bad to add them all.


  1. Congratulations! There's a Green Bay Packers Hero Decks that I've been wanting to add to my collection for years. One day.

    1. I keep staring at the Giants one, who knows, maybe one day I will just pull the trigger