Monday, June 29, 2020

The Grady Bunch: The Yaaaaaannnkkkeeees

It's time to finally show off the Grady Bunch Box. I mentioned this box a few weeks ago

The next few posts will dig in, but will not, WILL NOT, show the extent of everything he sent or even close to what he sent. There was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much its hard to capture and post it all.

So today, we will tackle the Yankees portion, well some as I said from the box.

There was a base of Tanaka and

then I found the Sp. While I was digging through I thought the photo on this looked different than the base so I compared numbers and there it was. Pretty cool. Think it's actually my first Yankees Sp from the product.

My Yankees PC focus now is mainly on two players. Both of which Grady tackled well.
First up, the big dude as I refer to him as, Aaron Judge as the rest of you refer to him. I don't have much 2020 since I haven't been able to get any, so lots of new Aaron's headed my way.

Donruss base and variation at the bottom.

And a beautiful Dominators insert. This is the pink parallel.

Next up, the second Yankee player I collect
Gleyber Torres continues to grow every year into a big time star. Will be fun to see what he can do when baseball resumes (this was typed up on June 21st in case baseball begins before this publishes)

Always digging these Fortune Teller inserts. One of the few mini cards I enjoy

The third Yankee player I focus on is Derek Jeter. There were a few of those in this box as well, but I stayed more focus on the two players I gained the most traction with.

And the final card is how I feel when I open up a mail day from Grady....
The rainbow foil parallel of this really brings it all out and I was soaking it all in. Just like the contents of the box he sent.

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