Monday, July 13, 2020

Forgotten Claims

Awhile back, I must have claimed some cards over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts blog and had forgotten until they arrived last week.

Which is nice as I do like surprises, who doesn't?

Let's see what rolled on in,
A year after Super Rookie and a 1990 Score Hampton rookie towards my 100 card chase.

A set need! Anytime I can cross one off it's exciting.  I still need to do some updating on here for some sets.

I was always a fan of these Steel cards from Leaf, cards printed on metal. This is only the second one in my collection as Griffey is my other.

I can never turn down a refractor. NEVER.

Thanks to Jon for the mail day. I know it was from a freebie Friday claim but I will hit you back with something at some point. I hit up a few folks this week I felt I owed so I have a few more to go as well. I need to get better at making my lists again as I have been slacking.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:2019 Panini Legacy Cyan Plate 1/1

Well, well, well, will you look at this.

My buddy Wes hit me up with a sick Rodney.

I hadn't seen any plates for the "newer" products Rodney was in until recently when this one Wes grabbed for me showed up and then another a couple weeks later, which I didn't grab. It popped up at a bad time and was gone within what felt like five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. I want to know who I am competing with but that doesn't make me happy. It was probably because it was listed so cheap.

Anyways for better news.

This is a Cyan 1/1 plate from 2019 Legacy football


The other plate I saw that went in five minutes was a Legacy plate as well. Kicking myself for not at least trying to make an offer on it and locking it up so I wouldn't lose out on it. Big mistake by myself. Hopefully it will pop up again at some point.

Thanks again for the help Wes!

And what do you guys think about printing plates?

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Autograph Of The Week:Alex Borstein/Patrick Warburton Dual!

Hello readers!
For a few months now I have been staring at today's autograph card in my watch list. You know, watching it but more in the literal sense.

My main goal of this card was the Patrick Warburton part as I already had an autograph of Borstein but single Patrick cards list for much more. So I found this one cheap and watched it. I was quite surprised it didn't already sell and then the seller offered a markdown. How could I say no at that point?!

Alex played on Mad-Tv with her star role as Ms.Swan and is the voice of Lois Griffith on Family Guy which is the show this card is based on. Patrick played on Seinfeld, Rules Of Engagement (underrated comedy series in my opinion with a star cast) and has voices in about a million shows and movies including Family Guy as Joe Swanson. His voice is one of those you will always recognize. Both actors I really enjoy and both have a part of my nostalgia so I needed this one.

What is your favorite role for Alex and Patrick?

Friday, July 10, 2020

Throw Me A Link

Once upon a time, Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog fame sent me a link via Twitter to a cheap BIN of a Giants 1/1 Printing Plate.

There were no words spoken. Just a link.

The assumption I made was that I was supposed to grab this card and fortunately I had the money to do so at that time. It doesn't always work that way but it did that day.

Here is that said card. A Prizm 1/1 printing plate rookie card of Kyle Lauletta

It's a Cyan Plate according to the back.

Thanks to Dennis for the heads up on this card. Glad it was able to work out for me this time. Not sure it will always but this time, yes.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Winner Of The Gavin Lux Auto!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest over at Cards Over Coffee and also to anyone who has been commenting and following that blog.

For those of you that haven't yet, go do it already!!! Especially since more good stuff may happen later on over there. I am trying to get that blog a following.

Okay...time for that drumroll and my favorite number 7 random....

27 are in it to win it (which seems low for a Gavin Lux auto but hey, everyone else loss)...

here we go...
    There were 27 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
    1. JKFF1
    2. TheAngriestChad
    3. GCRL
    4. Dion's IP Autos only
    5. @JG24fanever
    6. Nachos Grande
    7. Autographs
    8. The Diamond King
    9. amlsportscards
    10. baseballcardzrfun
    11. @MCL723
    12. RUFFCUTT
    13. Fuji
    14. Kb
    15. TONY
    16. Dennis
    17. Jason
    18. @Jake1725
    19. William Carter
    20. Tim B.
    21. Jacob Nassib
    22. Daniel DuBay
    23. hudsonfan15
    24. APetrelak
    25. OZsportsfan
    26. Chris
    27. Johnnys Trading Spot
    Timestamp: 2020-07-09 12:55:48 UTC
    You have randomized this list 7 times.
    Congrats to JKFF1! Please contact me via email at with Contest Winner Onyx in subject line, or on Instagram at Cards Over Coffee, Facebook at Cards Over Coffee, or either Twitter account of @collect_sport or @tocollecting. Whichever you found out about this contest on is fine. I will be checking all areas to make sure I don't miss ya. JKFF1, you will have 72 hours from today to claim your prize or it will be re-given away at a later time.

    Thanks to everyone who entered and there may be other contests later on.

    Once again, go CHECK OUT CARDS OVER COFFEE!!!!! The next post will be about Topps Project 2020 and I don't think you will want to miss it!

    Let's Talk About Sets Volume Who Knows?:New Set Adds

    Let's talk about sets baby...let's talk about new adds for me...let's talk about the shiny, acetate and 90s they can be...let's talk about sets.

    I am getting so close on so many sets, but getting so low on funds that it's not a good combination.

    At least I was able to knock down some needs for two of my most wanted set finishes.

    Set adds number one was three new ones knocked down my Ex2000 baseball set. Think I have roughly 9 more to go

    Ground Zero I have been knocking down bigger chunks out at a time. It's only a 200 card set but man, it's a tough one. I have been killing it with knocking down the smaller pieces of this set but still am missing so many of the bigger name players.

    This time it was 15 new ones from a seller who runs a buy 4 get 2 free special. He has been a huge help. However, his singles are getting down to the more expensive ones so not sure how much longer I will stick with his stuff.

    My hope is to binder these sets soon along with a few others. Sets look best in a binder than in a plastic box. Especially when they look this good.

    Wednesday, July 8, 2020

    Bump And Run Over Again

    Trevor over at Bump And Run Football Card Blog recently sent me some set needs and more in another sweet mail day.

    (I need to take some time and get my set needs updated)

    1996 Pinnacle

    1996 Collectors Edge Advantage

    1996 Presidents Reserve

    1996 Advantage Perfect Play parallels

    Collectors Choice MVP

    1996 Zenith

    1995 Pro Line Classic

    1997 Donruss

    And now onto some Giants
    Nice group of them here!

    And some Mark Brunells for that side PC

    Up next, I claimed some cards off from his freebie Friday

    Coach cards. Am I the only one who likes them in a product?

    90's stuff. The Fred Lane is odd as I believe those are supposed to be numbered but that one isn't.

    And that does it. Thanks again to Trevor for the mail day and hopefully I will have something out to you soon (if I haven't already before this publishes)

    Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    Another Trade With Dion

    I believe this will be my third completed trade with Dion's Autograph Collection blog this year. He just keeps finding more and more stuff I need.

    I didn't post everything he sent, but I did post the key pieces. Let's roll that beautiful bean footage...I mean Giants.

    Boom chalakakakakakaka

    Along with the Giants, the beginning base of this trade came from some cards he posted FT on his blog. I am not one for graded cards, but if they are cool cards or players I collect, I will take them.
    Such as this Kurt Warner

    90's parallel of Torry Holt

    It's Brett Favre people!

    And a base rookie of El Duque to go with my refractor. I loved watching him pitch with his leg kick.

    That does it for another trade with Dion. Thanks again for the trade and hope to do another soon!

    Monday, July 6, 2020

    More From The Diamond King

    Today's post is more free fun from The Diamond King who does pop up freebie Friday's throughout the week. You have to get there fast, or that stuff is gone.

    I was fortunate enough to get there fast enough to grab a few cards over a few different days that fit my PC.

    First up, Derek Jeter. I didn't have this one for my PC so fits perfectly

    Two greats and a new card for my Mantle collection. Works for me!

    90's insert

    90's parallel

    90's die cut

    The 90's cards I will take all day long. I don't care who the players/team/sports are.

    Thanks to The Diamond King for another excellent mail day. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, do so!

    Sunday, July 5, 2020

    Contest! Win A Gavin Lux Auto!

    If you haven't seen yet, I have posted a contest over at Cards Over Coffee blog for a chance to win a Gavin Lux auto. All you have to do is have a U.S. Address and comment. Pretty simple.


    Coffee Break:2020 Onyx Vintage Premium

    (would also appreciate a follow there and a blogroll add)


    Rodney's Cardboard:1997 Upper Deck Black Diamond


    Is all I can say about this card. These don't pop up too often or at all. I have been watching one on eBay that COMC had for $15 but couldn't see myself pulling the trigger. It was priced way too high which is how I feel about all Hamptons that COMC has on eBay.

    Luckily, a few have popped up on eBay that I got for 1/4th of the price of what they were charging.

    This time, another Black Diamond Hampton popped up on eBay with the same $15 price tag. I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue for about a month watching the seller re-list 4 times before I finally messaged them and offered $6. Now don't call me a low baller because I am not. I am a realist. There was no way a Rodney Hampton base card, despite it's somewhat rarity should ever go for $15.

    The seller at first said no, I can't do that. Then I explained how big of a Hampton fan I was and how I have been watching for some time. They came back with an offer of $6 and said I wouldn't get tracking for it but they would ship it safely in a CD package. Which I was more than fine with and about six days later, the card arrived in perfect shape.

    Front. It features three diamonds which is one of the tougher ones to land.

    Back side. Look at those Rodney's stats.

    I am glad to finally have this one knocked down, only problem now is to wait on the gold which I am not sure will ever be posted or probably be posted for a reasonable deal. Those are numbered to 50.

    Saturday, July 4, 2020

    The End Is Near....

    The end is coming...The final season of Sport Card Collectors blog is upon you!

    Time to cue Boyz II Men!

    More details to follow soon.....

    Friday, July 3, 2020

    Fishing In The Valley

    Yesterday, I let you check out some pretty sweet cards I grabbed from the main Valley Of Cards eBay store. Today's cards come from his Valley Of PWE Cards which is exactly what it says, they are PWE cards.

    For single cards, shipping is a flat .99 but those cards are shipped the same exact way he ships his bubbler cards. The double team bags, toploader, etc. I have never once had an issue with his PWE cards as I have gotten many. I am also very cheap so I like to see .99 shipping and knowing my cards will arrive fast and safe.

    If you buy more than one card from his PWE shop, it is an additional .55 and is capped at $8.25.

    Let's take a gander at what I snagged which is way more than I grabbed yesterday. Once again, I am frugal in how I spend my money. I prefer quantity or quality.

    Most cards in his PWE shop are under $3 with a few exceptions. This lot here were $1-$2 each.

    I didn't have a 2020 Slayton yet, here we go for a $1 I couldn't say no. Once again, I am cheap.

    Danny Dimes Rookie Of The Year Contenders. I have the Slayton, but not Jones. I will pretty much take any rookie year Jones under $5.

    Oooooooo a shiny Pink Pulsar. First Crusade of Jones I have from this years Prizm Draft.

    Purple Saquon. It's not numbered, but that purple against the white Penn State is flashy

    Select holo silver of Sterling Shepard. As you can tell by some of the cards I grabbed above, I didn't get any 2019 Select. I made sure I did this time.

    And then I went and grabbed some fresh Trout from the newest Panini baseball product, 2020 Select.

    25 Man insert

    Premier Level base. It does bug me some about Select with the different levels of base cards but it also is annoying the inserts look like the base. But, anything with Mike's face on it is worth grabbing regardless.

    And a couple of Topps grabs too.
    Topps Chrome Update Greatest Players had my attention when I saw the shine

    And I thought this was pretty cool. I hadn't heard of or maybe noticed these Throwback Thursday cards before. This is a 1997-1998 basketball design. It caught my eye being a 90's collector as you guys know.

    It seems that Valley Of Cards always has these Throwback Thursday cards of a variety of players in his shop.

    Pretty solid mail day all around from both of his shops. If you haven't checked out his Valley Of PWE cards do so. It not only has an offering of cards like above, but its very useful for new set adds, team lots, player cards, and just some fun singles to own you may not want to pay $4 to have shipped to yourself. Seems most single cards are going for that shipping rate now and sometimes you never know how those will arrive to you either. At least here I can guarantee you they will arrive safely.