Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Arrivals:2017 Panini Day Glove Relic Wayne Gallman

First off, I will admit, I am one who loves freebies from an eBay seller even it's un-useful junk.

Today, I actually liked what the seller sent and have use for all of it.

I love these non sport inclusions in Allen And Ginter

Rookie card binder Carr will go

And this Harden is a beautiful card. Wished Panini had done more like this one.

And here was the card I got. Wayne Gallman glove relic with a 3 showing. I have another relic similar to this one somewhere I will have to compare the two.

Back of card is bleh, but I do like the Giants colors are a nice touch.


  1. Wow. That Harden is a really cool freebie. Nice relic card too. It's always fun to see memorabilia cards featuring game-used materials outside of jerseys and pants.

    1. Yes it is. Just wished it was game worn but we know how companies are today.

      And I loved the Harden. You dont' see a lot of great freebies like that.