Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Grady Bunch: Griffey Comes Home

Did you guess Ken Griffey Jr?

If you did, you would be right.

Even though Grady sent plenty of football cards and NY Giants to show off, I will do that over at Snagging Cardboard blog, I put most of my focus this time on baseball. I know how much of the blogosphere is made up of baseball card fans and since most of what I post is football, wanted to give you guys something to see.

I haven't added a lot of new Griffeys in the past year besides a few minor trades, but it's always nice to welcome home a new one.

Or three in this case.

 I hadn't seen this insert before but it's another one of those Topps reprints.

Very cool die cut and a great pic of Griffey in his 90's prime

And this card I knew about ahead of time. As soon as Grady pulled it, he sent me a pic and said it was mine. I think these retail pulls are sometimes better than the hobby ones. I would rather have a nice card like this then a single color relic.

Back of this medallion card. It tells you its manufactured, but the part I laughed at was the fact they had to put reprint on this card. I would find that very sad if someone thought this was a rookie card.

Thanks again to Grady for sending these along. I will hopefully have some stuff together to send you a return thank you soon. Always appreciate the cards and the friendship.

What are your guys thoughts on these medallion cards?

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  1. I like this set. I picked up a lot of 8 to 10 a while back and paid about a buck and a quarter. Was considering building the set... but haven't been able to find anymore of these lots in that price range.