Sunday, August 2, 2020

Bumped And Run Into Kerry

Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Cards Blog surprised me not too long ago with a mail day. I wasn't expecting a single thing to come from him and then this bigger sized envelope arrived out of the blue.

Of course I was pretty stoked to see something in the mail box recently that wasn't bills so I tore it open. Inside was a manila folder that had a ever important sticky note and this......

1997 Donruss Studio 8x10 Of Kerry Collins

Back side. He made a note that the card wasn't in the best condition since it was in a free bin at his LCS, but hey, it's a card and I could at the very least use it for display on my desk. Once I find it.

That sticky note, well, that was a huge part of the mail day. It was Trevor's new address so I can finally pass along a thank you or thank you's for many previous mail days.

Thanks for the surprise mail day Trevor!


  1. Good to hear that he's settled into his new place. I have some cards I need to send his way as well.