Monday, September 7, 2020

Cards On Cards Strikes Again!

Another mail day from the great Cards On Cards arrived again that combined multiple freebie Friday's he was hosting.

I am such a slacker on here that I haven't sent anything back yet, but I have a list of mailings to make and Kerry is at the top of those to hit back with. I hope to do it this weekend (this was typed up on Saturday).

Any who, let's see what I claimed/he sent this time.

There were a bunch of these 1997 Donruss Preferred base cards and I couldn't let them just sit there. Heck, may try to build yet another set now that I have these. Gotta see what I have kicking around here to add to them and see where it goes.

I like unique cards with owners/coaches/cheerleaders that you don't see every day. This Joe Robbie fit the bill.

I don't know what it was, but this Payne Stewart was simply just needed to be with me. I will stick it in my special golf binder.

Die cut, check. 90's insert, check. Warrick Dunn, bonus.

A new PC piece for my Ken Griffey Jr pc. I know I am not known as a Griffey Jr collector but I still have over 1,000 cards of the guy but he has fallen into the backseat of my collecting over the years. It's just too hard to collect a guy that so many do and compete with the prices his stuff goes for.

College Connections is just a great looking insert set. I have been wanting more since I added the Hampton one to my collection.
And that was it for my freebie Friday grabs....

Then there was some bonuses...
John Starks! It's so weird when I see a card with John in anything but a Knicks uniform.

Much appreciated mail day Kerry! Let's hope I can finally hit you back with something soon!


  1. I really love that Warrick Dunn, and would have claimed it for myself, if I didn't already have a copy. So cool.

  2. Do you just pretend that he never was anything other than a Knick?

  3. You have over 1,000 cards of a player you don't actively collect? Wow. That is impressive.

    1. Yup.i add stuff people send me but don't ever chase them actively

  4. Dang. I'm pretty sure you have more Griffeys than I have Gwynns.