Sunday, September 6, 2020

I Got Mail!

Hey guys! It's been so long but I finally have a mail day post to share! Can you believe it? After days and days of set need posts, we have a mail day post. This is the part where you use that GIF from Titanic where it says it's been 84 years.

My Twitter buddy @NormC61surprised me again with a good handful of Knicks love. Most from the era where it mattered most as a Knicks fan and not the sad state of the franchise today. Though I do like RJ Barrett quite a bit and have been PCing him since the draft.

Here is that healthy stack of Knicks. Can't show em all, but I will focus in on a few spots.

John Starks for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 Charles the rebounding GOAT Oakley

Larry Johnson who played a big role in the Knicks good runs

Anthony Mason. Card really stands out

I was Ewing'ed. I just wished he could have won a title with the team. Other than Allan Houston and John Starks, Ewing is in that three-way tie for favorite Knick all-time. I hope to land an autograph of his someday.

 Another Ewing and what appears to be MJ getting nailed in his...well.. you decide.

The two Knicks on here didn't do much with their careers, but Walker did. And I simply love this card for the nostalgia factor it has for me.

I am also addicted to Fleer Metal from the 90's and Norm has been sending me all he can find.
A sweet stack of base here

MLPD subset

Neophytes insert

 And rookies called Building Blocks. These sure are sharp!

Thanks again to Norm for the mail day and covering more of my PC and giving me something else to write about that isn't a set need post.


  1. MJ loves making appearances on Knicks cards. ;D

  2. That's a nice stack of Knicks, and I saw a lot of those Metal cards when I worked at my LCS. I think I still have a couple Building Blocks singles.

  3. Can't go wrong with LJ! And I don't think that I've seen those Building Blocks before, I really dig the team logos on those.