Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Next Trade

Wait what?! I know what you're thinking.

Three posts in a row that are non set needs?!

I know! I know! The mail has been flowing in...well...not really but seems to gather all at once. I prefer for it to spread out.

But, here we are and here is my latest trade with @90sNicheFBCard. This is only partially some of the cards I got from him. Some will be posted on Snagging Cardboard (for some reason or another I have kept it going on and off) and the coolest part will be posted on Cards Over Coffee.

Bryan and I worked out a deal awhile ago that included some pretty epic pieces for me and well for him as well. We will be working on our next one soon that I hope will be done and both of us receiving mail days by years end. I really like to pile up the mail around Christmas time.

This time around was more of the same kind of trade we always do, NY Yankees and NY Giants goodness all around.
Mike Ford rookie

Mickey Mantle reprint. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually hold the original card in real life.

Gerrit Cole parallel I haven't seen before. These look really sharp!

My PC boy Gleyber! This is one I didn't have.

And another Gleyber rookie.

Next up, some Gmen
Cox didn't last long with the Giants but I still have a good amount of cards of him. Ogletree had some bright spots with the Giants, but they cut him this past offseason. I appreciated his time with the Giants.

Four more Jones for my PC. Still need to do a PC number update.

Panini rookie from Chronicles of Daniel Jones

And the final thing that I am showing for now, at least on this blog, is the final piece I need for my master set of Ghostbusters. Of course once again, you are never going to get all of the sketch cards or animation cel ones. But the rest, I have it all. More on these another time.

Thanks to Bryan for the trade and can't wait until we work on our next!


  1. That 1996 Finest 52T Mantle is awesome! One of those forgotten sets that was really popular back in the mid 90's.

  2. It'll be interesting to see those Ghostbusters cards, I can't remember if I've seen any of that insert set yet.

    1. It will be an October type post for them.maybe Halloween