Friday, October 9, 2020

Another One Full Of Cardboard

It was another big-sized-a-lot-of-cards-involved trade with me and @APetrelak.

I have no idea what started this trade, but we dove in deep and fast into it and within a matter of a week or so, we pulled it off.

Alec and myself have pulled off many Twitter trades over the years and I have lost track of how many. Some are big and some are small. I would call this an in-between with nothing huge hauled in terms of valuable cardboard, just huge in volume. No matter the size or value, it's the good time we have doing these trades and helping each other out for our collections is what really matters.

This haul as I said was pretty big, my picture here doesn't really do it justice in the amount of volume I got.
 Let's check out this haul that included 90's inserts, rookie cards and some odds and ends just because.

Jordan Love green Prizm. Not sure when Love will or if hit the field but at least I have a rookie card of him.

Chase Briscoe autograph

Andruw Jones 90's insert

Will Hernandez is really struggling this season. He was supposed to be an all-star guard but is letting people go right by him.

Noah Gragson auto

Atomic Refractor, doesn't matter the player

When  I see this metal, I will take it all day. Don't care about the team or players involved.

Josh Jacobs yellow parallel

Alonso update rookie

NASCAR Prizms, no I don't really collect NASCAR, but looking at them I could I turn them down. My eyes see shiny and that's enough for me.

Thanks goes out to Alec for another solid trade and I look forward to our next.

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  1. Atomic refractors and Metal Universe. I know you had fun going through these!

  2. I totally agree. If I find or receive a 90's Atomic Refractor... it doesn't matter the team or the player, that card is usually gonna stay in my collection unless there another collector out there who really, really needs it.

    1. And even then they would actually have to really need it lol