Friday, October 16, 2020

Cardboard Catch Up


If you had read the title of this post too quickly, you may have read Cardboard Ketchup. Which sounds like a unique marketing idea whether it's putting cards in ketchup bottles (think cards in cans like Pinnacle Inside) or making homemade ketchup with the labels to the bottles as iconic cards of the past but that's not what this post is about.

I know you have a sad look on your face right now but hey, I am still showing off some cards so that's gotta make things better, right?

This summer I went from having nothing to post about to way too much to post about and not enough time to do so. I have upped my trading a little bit, had some surprise mail days and even a RAK or two. Today's post is showing off a couple of free cardboard mailings I had.

The first mail day comes from @NamathSeaver who was nice enough to pass along the Oakley you saw above and these two new Allan Houston cards for my PC.

I haven't added to this PC in quite some time after my funds left out of the door like an angry woman and slammed it shut behind their exit. So it was nice to add a couple and now I really need to update my PC on TCDB of Houston.

Thanks to Gary for the mail day!

The next mail day is courtesy of @nekbone860 who joined in on my newly added RAK Friday on Twitter. You just list what your PC is, people will respond and send you a mail day for free. All that is asked of you is if you get a mail day for you to pick someone else to forward it on to.

@nekbone860 hit up a variety of different PC's for me,

With 90's inserts, non sport and NY Giants.

Thanks to @nekbone860 for the mail day. Hope you enjoy the one I sent you as well.

I still have much to post about and hopefully at some point here I can get caught up again.


  1. I had forgotten about that Montana, still looks really neat though!

  2. My card shop couldn't keep that Montana in stock back in the early 90's.