Thursday, October 1, 2020


Before I dig into today's card show off, I assume most of you noticed last week when I combined Cards Over Coffee and Sport Card Collectors into one blog. My hope was to bring this blog to life and showcase my hard worked posts from Cards Over Coffee.
However, my excitement ended after a few days. 
The posts didn't really gain much more ground than they did on Cards Over Coffee and something about having those posts over here didn't feel right, despite all of the big ideas I had of combining the two. They really are two separate animals and blogs and should remain that way.
So for now, I will continue posting on both which is the exciting news of the day for you guys as I have decided to keep this blog going daily while Cards Over Coffee will be occasionally.
Sport Card Collectors will focus on mail days, new Hamptons and Set Help which is a post that actually has helped with my sets.  Cards Over Coffee will be more in-depth articles and pack/box breaks. So both have their perks and if you haven't followed Cards Over Coffee yet, please do.
Now onto an exciting mail day.
I once again joined in on the thread that @employee84 hosts every Friday for PWE Friday where you claim a card and give a card and this week he posted a card that caught my eye which was this one...
Die cut, shiny and great design was a triple winner on this claim. It makes me want to build this 10 card set. These fell 1:24 odds back in 2000.

Thanks to @employee84 for the mail day and for the fun thread every week. If you haven't joined in on that fun thread yet, join in!


  1. Great looking insert. There's a Bonds on COMC right now that I'd normally grab... but I drained my account and requested shipment a few months ago.

  2. Happy day! Now can we leave the blogs alone for a bit? That is a cool card too, not cool enough to get me to join one of those threads, but still cool.

    1. Yes Jon, leaving both alone for now and going with the flow.

      I still think you would enjoy that thread. You have to be fast though to claim stuff. Normally I am not and lucked out three times.