Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Offbeat All-Stars

The mail days for me recently have been rolling in. Between doing threads for free cards to mail and receive, I have been doing small pwe type trades that have led me to getting some decent cards in the mail in return. It's kept my mail box and blog going.

Speaking of blogs still going, Cards Over Coffee is still alive despite my focus being more on here recently. I am actually hosting a giveaway for that blog once it gets to 50 Followers I will give PWE a team lot of your choice to you! I have all four sports, well everything you can imagine. So go follow that blog, spread the contest news on your blog and let's grow Cards Over Coffee together!

In the meantime, let's check out my latest mail day this time via Twitter trade with @offbeatallstars.

Jeremy Shockey Fleer Mystique

Ike Hilliard Millenium Collection parallel

David Tyree Finest rookie. He may not be a big household name, but in my house he is. I will never forget Super Bowl 42 and the joy he brought me.

A new Toomah!

Ike Hilliard gold parallel

Shockey and Toomer cards I didn't have or even seen before

Visanthe didn't do much in blue, but I think he made more of an impact in Minnesota. Seems a lot of Giants that leave make bigger impacts elsewhere.

And a sweet ending. I keep telling everyone I collect MJ but don't get much action on the trade end for him except this time. I don't however think I will get used to seeing him in a Wizards uniform. It's like seeing Jerry Rice for the Raiders, Emmitt Smith for the Cardinals, Tom Brady now for the Bucs. Just weird seeing legends of the game in other uniforms.
Thanks to Offbeat All-Stars for the trade and hope we can do it again.

Now I gotta ask, which player looked the oddest for you in a new uniform?

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  1. Nice MJ. As for your question... Rickey Henderson in any uniform outside of Oakland.

  2. Hakeem Olajuwon as a Raptor and Patrick Ewing as a Sonic are the two that come to mind first.