Sunday, October 11, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Mosaic Silver Autograph

2020 has been a messy year, but I recently found out one positive thing, you guessed that right, Rodney Hampton has found his way into a 2020 product.

Not only does he have an autograph card in Panini Mosaic, but he has a total of 8 of them to chase split in two different autograph sets in the product.

So far only one of the Hampton autographs continues to pop up and thanks to my buddy @brent3323, I was able to add the first of them.

This is the silver autograph and it sparkles so much

But isn't numbered.

Here is the overall look at the ones I need from the product and some are numbered (yellow is what I have)
39Autographs Mosaic Black1
92Autographs No Huddle Black1
39Autographs Mosaic Choice Black Gold8
39Autographs Mosaic Gold10
92Autographs No Huddle Gold10
39Autographs Mosaic
Autographs Mosaic Choice Fusion Red

92Autographs No Huddle
Unlike all of these and yes I have a second one, the Fusion Red coming at some point thanks to @CardpocalypseNC which I will show off once its in hand.

Sadly and really frustratingly the black /1 autograph of this set was listed and sold without me being able to make any kind of run at it.  It was a tough pill to swallow to watch it go and at this point all i can hope is that it can make another appearance down the road.

Thanks to Brent for this great mail day and for getting my Hampton search started. 
Now if only the others would pop up like the 100 Silvers that have been listed.


  1. The front is fantastic! The back is.. typical Panini :/

    1. I really wished they found a way to make their backs more interesting

  2. Dig the Halloween theme you've got going :)

    1. Thanks! I thought it looked snazzy myself. I will switch it for november and December for their respective holidays

  3. If you who bought the one of one maybe contact and if you know what was paid offer a profit you might be able to pry it away if not a supper collector like yourself! I'd say worth the time and or tell him if ever looking to sell it to contact you.