Sunday, October 18, 2020

Same Game, Same Play?

Have deep do you look at your cards? Have you noticed anything more than just an image of your favorite player featured on the front?

I know that I haven't. 

I do enjoy action photography and can sometimes pick the game from which the picture was taken, but other than that, I don't take much note.

Today's cards however, I will take a deeper look at.

I don't remember who sent me the two cards from today's post, but they pointed out with a note that they have one thing in common, they are from the same game.

Interesting. Never would have thought of matching up two cards to see if the photographs were taken from the same game.

So I dug deeper and looked at the two cards from 2004 Topps and 2004 Topps Total.

The game played was between the St.Louis Rams and the NY Giants. It was played on Week One of the 2003 NFL season in a game which was won by the NY Giants 23-13, despite Kurt Warner's big day.

I looked at the two cards and can see it was the same game, but was there something else about the comparison that I could look at.

Here we see Kurt Warner dropping back to pass but the question becomes....

is this the same play? Is Mike chasing him down?

Michael Strahan did record a sack in that game but did he get it right there? Does Kurt see Michael coming after him? Is this two different plays?
So I had to take a second look by putting the cards side by side again.

It appears Kurt's angle doesn't match up with the other card. But, does that rule this out as the same play, no. However, looking at body language tells me a lot. It's pretty obvious on the Kurt Warner card he is throwing. The Strahan card appears he has either already thrown (which doesn't rule it out) or has just handed the ball off looking at the way he is standing and the fact I do not see a ball in his right hand. That would rule it out. 

Once again, I am not dead set on that as an answer.

The only answer I can come up with is the fact it's the same game but not the same play. Am I right? Who knows? Either way it was fun trying to dissect this card and figure it out.

So what do you guys think? Same Game, Same Play? Or nah? Let me know in comments!


  1. I think it's a different play because Starahan isn't seen in the first card and Warner is already set to throw. In the second card Strahan is bearing down on him and Warner's got the ball at his hip. Unless something went really wrong and Kurt didn't throw the ball in card one I think they're separate plays.

    Good eye though, and an interesting look at the game action we often overlook on cards.

  2. Whatever the answer... I'm impressed you were able to put these two cards together. Nice detective work.