Thursday, October 8, 2020

Top 20 Most Wanted

As I begin work on fixing/updating this blog and trying to make it what it once was, one of the first things I tackled was making a Top 20 Most Wanted list and placing it on the side of the blog hoping for eyes to see it.

Unlike my want lists, these are specific things I am really looking for RIGHT NOW. 

My current Top 20 Most Wanted include a lot of 2020 Allen Ginter cards I need and as the holidays approach, Holiday related cards. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I want cards to specifically help me celebrate it this year. 2020 has been rough so even more Christmas spirit will help.

There is only one item on the Top 20 not holiday related or Allen Ginter related, which is item 12. It's the last Darkwing Duck figure I need.

Top 20 Most Wanted

1. 2020 Allen Ginter RL Stine Autograph
2. 2020 Allen Ginter RL Stine Minis+Parallels
3. 2020 Allen Ginter Ken Jeong Base Card
4. 2020 Allen Ginter Ken Jeong Autograph
5.2020 Allen Ginter Ken Jeong Mini Parallels
6. 2020 Allen Ginter Paul Rudd Autograph
7. 2020 Allen Ginter Ludacris Autograph
8.2020 Allen Ginter Spike Lee Autograph
9. 2020 Allen Ginter Where Monsters Live #2
10. 2020 Allen Ginter Where Monsters Live #4
11. 2020 Allen Ginter Where Monsters Live #7
12. Darkwing Duck Steelbeak Figure
13.2017 Bowman Holiday Rudolph
14. 2017 Bowman Holiday Snowman
15. 2019 Bowman Holiday Turkey
16. 2019 Bowman Holiday Santa
17.Any 2017,208,2019 Bowman Holiday Parallels
18. Any 2019 Topps Walmart Holiday Variations (candy canes, Santa, Christmas Lights, etc)
19.2018,2019 Bowman Holiday Christmas Elf
20A.2007 Topps Santa Relic
20B.2007 Topps Santa Autograph

So if you have any of these kicking around in your house and want to get rid of them. I am your guy. Just email me at with what you got and what you want in return for them.

I will update this Want List as I go and try to acquire these items.

Before I close out this quick post, wanted to also let you guys know that Burbank Sportscards were nice enough to have me share a 10% off code with you guys so you can save some money on your next purchase. This purchase would have to be made over at their Beckett Marketplace store but with millions in inventory I bet you could find something. I know I have for all of my set needs.

Use Code: 15BURBANK at checkout to do so! Also spend $50 and you will get free shipping. 

 Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. I think Burbank had a promo code right before the 'Rona shut everything down so I'm not surprised they're offering up another one. Hopefully some of your readers will take advantage, but I'll have to sit this oen out. I just spent $40 on

    1. This code is good for awhile so maybe next time you buy something take advantage of it!

  2. Ive got the 2007 Santa set. You can have it.

  3. You and I have similar tastes. I'd love to pick up Stine, Jeong, and Lee autographs at some point.

    1. I have been trying for a week now to land a Stine auto in trade but cant find anybody with one

  4. I have no holiday items from your wishlist but offer cheer and merriment. Stop by pickpockets, all new this weekend. Never know what might tickle your fancy.

  5. The Stine autograph is still selling really well, and probably will continue to do so for awhile, so it's not hard to see why someone wouldn't want to bother with trading it. I'd love to get one as well, but am not really holding out much hope of one falling into my price range anytime soon (or ever).

    1. Yeah I will have to trade with one of my top guys to possibly even attempt to land it