Friday, October 16, 2020

Where Monsters Live

When I was younger, I watched a ton of horror movies and watched them again and again with my mother. It was the one thing we had, even though I was under 10 years old when doing so.

We literally, no joke either, watched every VHS horror movie in the local video store. They had a 7 for 7 days for $7 dollars deal that we always took advantage of.

Surprisingly being young like that, I didn't have any nightmares, just a few theories of where the Monsters Lived nearby.
We didn't have any stairs, so didn't have to worry about that.

Or any old trunks so that wasn't ever a concern either.

However, we did live on a farm so I always used to think Jason was walking around the farm somewhere all because of Friday The 13th Part 5. But, that was my only theory.

Being that its October, a month of evil, I found these Where Monsters Live a fun insert in Allen and Ginter that I wanted to chase. Thanks to @DaveMitchner I was able to knock two more down which brings me to half of the set. I hope to finish it up before the month is over.

I also plan to watch a few snip picks of horror movies just for old time sake. My wife really isn't into horror so I will watch it whenever I get a chance to and bring back all of the nostalgia I used to have on those days off from school or the weekends watching those movies with my mother.

What is your favorite Horror Movie?

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  1. Love the background! My favorites tend to be old b&w movies. My sis is the horror-guru in the family, owning nearly every flick available on dvd or vhs. Her favorites are pretty extreme - Rob Zombie movies. I tried to watch House of 1000 Corpses with her. It was so twisted, I couldn't get through it but she won't watch 'clown' movies. lol. Happy Halloween!

  2. I'm going to say my favorite is probably The Birds. Not only is the movie itself great but it leaves an impact on you. I saw a swarm of about a hundred birds flying around earlier this week and it creeped me out.

  3. I love The Shining. But I think the only one that really freaked me out was Children of the Corn. I've watched both a few times over the years. Not sure if the Saw movies are horror films, but I liked the first two or three that I watched too.

  4. I like this set a lot, but feel like I've seen it enough now on the blogs that I don't really feel the need to get it anymore. This might be the first time that the blogs have actually saved me some money!