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This blog was established in March 1st of 2012 on a whim. I wanted to expand my collecting to the world of social media and found this to be a great outlet! I started collecting in 1993.

This blog covers all areas from the 90's to today in pack and box breaks. There are also mail day showings, PC highlights of my PC's of Ken Griffey Jr, NY Yankees, NY Giants, Rodney Hampton, Psych Autographs, Non Sport Cards and 1990's cards along with some opinion and informational postings as well.

I also love to help out collectors whenever possible so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will give you my honest opinion.
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  1. psa jsa and beckett grading service need to do a better job in the hobby they artificially raise the price and there authentication of autographs is questionable should have one price for grading cards no matter there value

    1. That's just you don't have a keen eye about spotting cards that you should and should NOT GRADE NEWBIE

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  3. I agree that JSA authentication is questionable. They charge outrageous fees and haven't become so strict they turn down everything. They have an office here in Fort Lauderdale. I took some of the autographs that I have personally obtained. I saw them being signed in front of me. They told me they were all fakes and charged me $230. I will not be using JSA again.