Wednesday, July 15, 2015

90's Flashback:1994 Fleer Ultra League Leader Kenny Lofton

Did you just see that dust? Yup, that was Kenny Lofton stealing second. Now third.

Fleer Ultra came out with some pretty impressive looking inserts in the 90's for baseball, basketball and football. This one is dulled down a bit compared to most, but still fits in my 90's PC and is cool looking to an extent.

I acquired this card from my buddy Tim Y on Twitter. I am still catching up on cards he mailed me from the 90's along with a few others I have picked up myself and some from 90's Niche Football blog. In order to do this and share my passion of 90's collecting, there will be a new segment after a few more of these 90's Flashback cards that will help. Stay tuned!

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