Saturday, July 18, 2015

AWESOME Trade With Jaybarkerfan's Blog

A few months ago I kept hearing buzz around Jaybarkerfan's blog when reading other blogs, so I thought I would go check it out. So glad that I did!

Recently he put up a post that was loaded with trade goodies. I sadly didn't get there quick enough for a few other things I wanted as it was first claim, first get, but I did get to claim two I really wanted. When the mail day arrived, I also noticed many other goodies included as well.

Up first, I will show the two that I got to claim.

First is this 90's relic from Collectors Edge of Trajan Langdon. I guy I used to watch being a Duke fan.

Up next was a 2009 UD Icons Letterman of Peggy Fleming. First off, I am a huge fan of Letterman and I like unique "celeb" memorabilia. If you don't know if Fleming is, she is a figure skater and an Olympic winner one at that. I wished I could get the whole name spelled out as that is on my hobby wish list to complete a nameplate,but I couldn't find any others on eBay.
After what was already some great pickups that I traded for, he then threw in a bunch of amazing extras!

Up first is a card for my Giants PC and a numbered insert for my baseball insert PC

Then to add to my celeb PC, he sent this /10 parallel of Scott Schwartz, who is best known for sticking his tongue to a pole in the Christmas Story. Pretty cool!

Then he even covered my Rueben Randle PC with this beautiful Rueben Randle red refractor!!! I definitely don't have this bad boy and it's numbered to 75!

Up next he threw in a couple more celeb relics for my PC. I thought the Rider Relic was awesome and also reminds me why I miss Press Pass and their outside of the box creative thinking. I didn't have one of the Rider Relics but have always wanted one.

And finally, added another relic to my David Wilson collection. Once again, one I didn't have.
A huge thanks is in order for Jaybarkerfan for this trade. I am blown away and loved all of it. Thanks goes out to you for the original trade and the extras. I also hope you enjoyed what I sent the first time and what I will be mailing soon for the second trade.

This was just the first of two, possibly three trades I have done with JBF in the past week (I must also note I will share the other trade results when they arrive) and I highly recommend him as a trader. Also, if you haven't yet, please go check out his blog that you can find, HERE.
As always, thoughts on my mail days are always welcomed!


  1. Scotty was also in The Toy, which I watch a couple times a year. I wonder if he still runs the sports memorabilia store. I'd like to go there once.

    1. That would be cool to visit! I hope you would post pics :) Get an auto as well :)