Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Panini Father's Day 13-Pack Break

One of my favorite promotions and the only one I am able to participate in without an LCS nearby, because I go on vacation at that time, Panini Father's Day promo is usually one I save up money and go big for in terms of buying product to get the free packs. And no before you ask, I don't plan my vacation around the Father's Day promo....well....maybe I do...shhhhh just don't tell the misses :)

Anyway, last year I was able to open 16 packs but this year I was down a bit and could only do 13. Overall this is my third straight year of being able to participate in the promotion due to the fact my vacation spot has an LCS. Which you have known about my many purchases, and some you don't, with my posts this week. I might share the other purchase results at a later date as I mainly condensed my favorites down this week.. And I also have a TON of stuff backed up to post.

Before I continue on with this break post, I must apologize for this being two weeks after the fact, but I was on vacation away from the computer and then was trying to catch up on all of my other posts first. So without further ado, here are my results from my 2015 Panini Father's Day packs. Wasn't nearly as exciting as last years, but I did get a few good hits.

Here are the base cards I pulled.

Andrew Luck base and College parallel. I also got a college parallel of John Wall.

Numbered rookies. Some decent ones.

Then came my hits. Nice sized swatch.

Cracked Ice!!!! This is a nice looking card and is an a prime example of why I like this promo.

And my best pull and one for my PC, Ken Griffey Jr Father's Day patch.
Overall, not nearly as good as last years in terms of my luck when I got 8 hits or so. But, I still like the cards and I did get some nice hits. The Griffey was by far my favorite.

I am already looking forward to the 2016 Father's Day promo and of course my next vacation as well.

What do you think about Panini's promos such as Fathers Day or Black Friday? Do they drive you more to your LCS? What's the best pull you have ever gotten out of one of these promos? Let me hear your responses!

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  1. Generally I like the Panini promo packs. I'm not a fan of the new format which requires you to buy specific products for a set amount of packs in return. I understand Panini's goal in that it helps move product that was less popular, but I would prefer to buy what I want and get 1 pack/$15 spent, and get to open the products that I like. I also think that the cards and hits were better in years past, but that may be due to the huge draft classes in both basketball and football last year. That said, I will continue to participate, it is a fun chase. I can't wait to go to my first National this year and grab up as many Panini National Promo packs as I can.

    My best pull from a promo pack was from last years National. Especially considering that I am from Pittsburgh and a huge Steelers fan. It was a rookie year, pink BCA NFL shield logo patch/auto of Le'Veon Bell!

    Thanks for the blog, and the continued opportunity to participate and share our thoughts.