Monday, July 6, 2015

My U.S. Women's World Cup Cards

I can't come out and say I am a huge soccer fan or that I even follow the sport, cause that would be a lie.But I do have two interests in the sport. One, I have U.S. pride and when our country goes out and plays their butts off, I like to pay attention. Two, I like to collect their cards.

And that is what leads to today's post. I would not only like to congratulate the World Cup Champions that took down Japan 5-2, but to show off my Women's U.S. soccer cards I own or at least  the onesI could find in time for this post lol.

So here we go!

Most of my collection consists of Sports Illustrated For Kids cards that are still on uncut sheets. Some of them are the big stars.

Press is a younger player who had some playing time against China

Alex Morgan has a bright career ahead of her.

And Abby Wambach finally goes out as a champion as she is retiring. I think it's great when athletes retire and end their careers as a champion.

Another Wambach in her younger years when she played for Washington Freedom.

I pulled this a couple years ago in a Panini Father's Day pack and

Also this. Rampone as well will be retiring and ending her career as a champion.

 And finally my favorite card of them all, a 2011 Goodwin Champions on-card autograph of Hope Solo.
I thought I had a few more Upper Deck cards somewhere but couldn't locate them in time for this post. I also thought I had a Carli Lloyd Sports Illustrated For Kids card too. At least I was able to locate some to show off especially the Solo.

So, congrats again to the U.S. Women's team for their tremendous effort and victory. I hope for a repeat in the next World Cup.

What are your thoughts on the cards above? Do you collect Sports Illustrated For Kids cards? Do you collect Soccer cards?


  1. I really dig the Leroux. I'm not too big a fan of the SI Kids cards because I'm torn about keeping them in the sheets or separating them(no pun intended).

  2. Cool collection. I've really started to appreciate soccer over the past few years. As a kid, I remember playing it and having one or two good kids who controlled the ball while everyone else chased him. The whole moving "blob" thing turned me off. However... watching professionals who actually develop plays is a work of art. Sunday was my dream match up, because these were the two teams I cheered for throughout the World Cup. It was nice to see our ladies redeem their 2011 loss. They were clearly the best team on the field... and best team of the tournament.

    P.S. Alex Morgan is a babe!