Sunday, August 23, 2015

90's Week!

The title says it plain and simple, welcome to what I am calling, 90's week!

I have been backed up on posts for months, especially on 90's stuff, some of these have been sitting in my drafts since March. So to finally honor these posts and give them there published due, I am dedicating this week to it!

What will you see this week? Well, you will find yourself looking at 90's Flashback cards along with my final breaks from the auction I went to back in May. It will be a very exciting week ahead! So all of you 90's collectors and fans from that era, stay tuned, this week is for you!


  1. Can't wait. Great decade for cardboard!

  2. That unopened box of 1997 SPX football is giving me chills, man! Can't wait to see it, I love that product! (Of course, I'm a huge fan of all 90's cards, but that's one of the best.)