Monday, August 31, 2015

One Of These Things Don't Look Like The Other

Earlier in the celebration on here known as 90's week, I busted a box of 1996 Stadium Club football. I landed a few decent cards and was happy with my results. However, upon sorting the base cards I found something that I hadn't seen before.......

Up close these two Anthony Millers look the same.

But if you flip them around, you find out that they are not.
Match Proof parallel is what I had found. Not something I had ever seen or heard of and most of the time never would have noticed if I hadn't sorted the cards by number. So I did a little research on them.

Match Proof in Series one fall at a tough rate of 1:240 packs. Each card in the 90 card set has a Match Proof parallel and they are numbered to 120 sets of each. The only thing that separates them from base is the gold foil on the back as you see above. The ones in Series 2 are much easier to find at 1:150 packs, however those are only numbered to 100 sets of each.

I think this was a great find for my 90's PC and I was fist pumping the air when I saw that I had pulled something cool. It's both something unique and rare. This is the kind of fun that busting older products can bring.

You knew a topic was coming with this one. Have you ever found a great card that you may have missed the first time around in a card pack or random stack you bought? Maybe it was even already in your collection? I want to hear all of the details! Your reaction, what it was you found and how you discovered it.


  1. I have had a couple of times where I missed a special card at first. Usually they are photo variation cards or parallels. A couple of decent ones include 2011 Topps Colin Kaepernick photo variation and another was a 2011 Gypsy Queen Ty Cobb mini that was a sepia parallel #/99. Recently I picked up a collection of 50 Griffey cards and one of the cards (2000 Royale Rookies) is hand numbered and I have found no information about the card.

  2. So when I first got back into collecting in 2006, I bought a lot of 9 'junk wax' boxes off eBay, all 91-93 stuff. Some Fleer, Score, Leaf, AAA Minor League -- that kind of stuff. I opened it all, put them back into the boxes, and proceeded to forget about them for six months.

    I then decided that I wanted to start a spreadsheet of my Astros and went through the boxes. Halfway through the box of 92 Score I wondered why this Joe Dimaggio insert was numbered. I took a second look ..... and it was autographed. Out of a lot of boxes I spent $9 + shipping.

    Talk about buried treasures!