Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 2:Taking My PC To The Hamptons

In part two of my trade mail day from 90's Niche Football Card Blog , I am showcasing my newest PC chase, the one and only, RODNEY HAMPTON!

He was a running back I idolized growing up pretending to be him in the backyard playing football against my buddies. Now with the recent dry spell with Rueben Randle and Andre Williams, I needed to turn my focus towards another Giants player and why not one I have always followed? One that should also be a lot easier and cheaper to acquire. One that also just recently followed me on Twitter.....he must have known my intentions.

The following cards I am showing off are new to my Hampton PC thanks to the help of 90's Niche Blog. I did have others before these, but I am just focusing on the newest ones since this is a trade post.

First up is load of Score rookies

Then a couple of Pro Set ones.

Some great ones here including a Collectors Edge gold parallel, Metal, Finest, and Select.

Then we have a great range of years and products here. The Gold Medallion from 1995 Ultra caught my eye here.

MVP! MVP! At least Collectors Choice agreed with me and what Hampton should had been named a few times.

And closing up my mail day are a couple more of my favorites. A 1,000 yard club, which was my favorite design for those especially the back of the card and the always action packed Stadium Club.
I am happy to start this new adventure, but I don't want my faithful readers to worry about me drifting away from my other main player PC's of Griffey, Randle and Williams.

My current Hampton count with these in-hand is 79 different. A pretty good start I must say.

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