Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 1Of 7: Ginter/Gypsy Queen Epidemic!

It's that time again. Time to share another mail day from Sport Card Collectors reader Grady M. And if you have been following this blog, you know his boxes are always packed with goodies ranging from many sports, brands and players. This is also one of those exciting surprise things that I can't push off posting about. So as for my older posts that were supposed to be published this week, check those out at the end of October.
In the meantime, enjoy the next seven days. I must also note that I am trying out a new picture adventure on my phone. It no longer crops the photos so I have to take them as is, hopefully they came out great for viewing.

Kicking off part 1 of my mail day from Grady, is a bunch of Allen and Ginter and Gypsy Queen inserts. I really dig the non sports inclusions in Ginter.

Pastimes inserts with some great players sprinkled in.

One of my favorite inclusions in Gypsy Queen are the framed inserts. They look spectacular to me. Included here is Hammerin Hank!

When you see this many inserts from Gypsy Queen and Allen and Ginter, you know there must have been a ton of mini's. Well, I benefited on that end as well and that will be part two of this big mail day. Look for that post tomorrow!

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