Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 4 Of 7:THHHHEEEEEEE YANKEEEEES!

Part 4 of my mail day from Grady, we narrow it down a bit to just NYY. This years team still surprised me a bit I must say. I didn't think the pitching would hold up but somehow it has and they are playoff bound. I won't make any predictions as the MLB playoffs can sometimes be unpredictable, but this could be a quiet team going in that could make some noise.

First up in this mail day portion, some new additions.

Sadly, my first Gregorius in a Yanks uni.

A few more newbies to my PC. Digging the framed and the Ellsbury.

And closing it up, yes with a few heads cut off, are all new Topps Chrome additions including one Derek Jeter.
Part four featured my favorite baseball team, tomorrow, my favorite football team. Stay tuned for that portion of the mail day!

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