Monday, October 5, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 5 Of 7:GGGGGGGMen!

Today's Grady M mail day offerings are from the Big Blue.I swear some days if I get a scratch that literal blue will bleed out. That's how deep my veins run for the Giants. Been a fan both through the good and the bad and was raised one by my father. So no bandwagon fan here.

First up, a couple of rookies, some new Eli's and a new Cruz.

Next, some 2015 Topps that I didn't have any of. Must be close to the team set and there is also another Andre Williams to take off the list. (and yes I realize my camera on the phone did these sideways...sigh)

SHINY!!!! Panini did a great job with the extra points this year making them easier to figure out.

And to finish it up some more new adds. I really wished Panini could had kept Gridiron in their lineup. The photography in that base set was second to none. There were some great shots.
We are sadly coming closer to the end of this seven part series. Tomorrow, part six, offers some odds and ends. However, there are also a couple of new Griffeys for my PC. Hope you come back tomorrow to check that out too.

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