Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reminiscing 90's:1992 Disney Goslayn Mallard Kellogg’s PVC

Key notes for January 23rd 1992:
November 7th 1992 was a Thursday
George H.W.Bush was President
Most Popular Movie released in January of 1992 was Reservoir Dogs
Most Popular Book around this time was Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on January 23rd 1992 was All 4 Love by Color Me Badd

The daughter of Darkwing Duck, AKA, Drake Mallard, Gosalyn was always edgy. She was the first to show her confidence in not having fear. Sometimes however that confidence would end up in trouble and a dad rescue.

The 90's always put out "edgy" looking inserts. If only we had these kind of inserts today.

Another Darkwing Duck character down. Two more to go!

What was your favorite "edgy" insert from the 90's? There were plenty to choose from! 

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