Thursday, January 7, 2016


In Part 1 of What's In The Box Christmas Edition, I showed off some other types of goodies my mother-in-law included in her Christmas present box for me. Today, I am showing off most of the rest.

Inside of the box was both a cheese block box filled with different singles (the better of the two) and a 1994 Stadium Club baseball box filled with 1991 Donruss. I was a bit more intrigued with the cheese box and when I was done I could see why, but I did get to snatch a few good ones from Donruss as well. To save space on here, I am only showcasing the rookies.

Here was the stack of them I found....

Some key ones.... and a NEW Griffey as well!

Some Ventura Topps rookies

Plenty of Gary Sheffields from '89 Donruss

And to my surprise, I found two Griffey Jr rookies in the cheese box.
Overall, not at all a shabby gift. Not like the sweaters she used to get me years ago. Now she knows me better.

What are your thoughts on the newest edition of What's In The Box? What was your favorite find in here?

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  1. I think I use late 80's and early 90's rookie cards as a test to see if I have a cardboard addiction problem. I still love them = I'm still addicted.

    Favorite find? I guess I'd go with the 89T Ventura.