Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:Reader's Mail Day Part 2:Odds&Ends

Last segment of Mail Day Saturday, I shared Part 1 of reader Grady M's packed box of goodies. Today is part 2 of what was hiding within and there are still two more parts after this!

Up first we find ourselves looking at some NBA inserts including big names like Jerry West, Pete Maravich and the one and only, Larry Bird.

Donruss Scoring Kings inserts. Dirk!

The last season of Kobe and this is my first card addition of his in some time. I should probably pick up a few others before he steps away.

There was even some NASCAR in there. Even though they are not in existence anymore, you simply just gotta appreciate what Press Pass brought to trading cards. They were spot on every time.

And to be completely honest, these base cards for Topps WWE look awesome. The color scheme and sparkle background is what entertainment is all about.

Not too shabby of a mail day so far. But, things get even better after today. Stay tuned for next Saturday's Part 3.

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