Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:Reader's Mail Day Part 4:SHINE BABY, SHINE!

As always with my Grady M reader mail days, I save the shiniest for last.

These are in no particular order, because I just can't choose one favorite shiny card over another. And honesty, there is no order of madness here.  I didn't group them by sport or by anything, instead I just let the photo's simply upload where they wanted to.

Up first, a beautiful dumping of Topps Chrome refractors. Larry Fitzgerald, Percy Harvin, and Andre Johnson to name a few. Along with some rookies.
True Colors. Yes, the Phil Collins version of that song just popped into my head. One of my favorite inserts last year from Topps was Cut To The Chase. They look really good.

Some hockey shine including St.Louis from my Rangers.

Going to miss seeing Topps Platinum on the market in 2016. Was a hobby staple for me for awhile.
More goods. Chase Headley that's numbered to 199.

Some more 2016 Topps I don't have. I still haven't opened any :( This pile includes former Yankees Almonte.
I wished more flagship parallels looked like this. If they could turn the gold borders this way instead of a slight gold tinge, that would look amazing.
Prizm always looks nice to me. I know some really don't care for the product, but I am a fan.

Bowman parallels and inserts.

And to finish it off, this really sick looking Randall Cobb from Prizm. Don't tell me this card doesn't look nice and it's numbered to 75.
Overall, a great 4-part mail day. I can't say thanks enough Grady for all that you do for me. I hope you enjoy your package I put together when it arrives as well and I have begun setting aside a few more things for you for next time :)

Alright other readers, looking at all of the shiny-goodness above, what's your favorite kinda shiny?