Tuesday, May 17, 2016

90's Niche Football Card Blog Trade Countdown Card # 3

Yes, a lot of my trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog was to help me knock some Psych autographs off from my want-list as I am really attempting this set. If I can complete it, it will be the biggest hobby accomplishment yet for me.

Today we kick off the Top 3 list with 3 NEW Psych autograph adds.

Jean Smart has been in many roles in her lifetime. She played on Designing Women from 86-91, was on Frasier, 24, Harry's Law, The District, Fargo and Samantha Who. Played also in a few movies The Brady Bunch Movie, The Odd Couple 2 and Sweet Home Alabama to name a few. Her lists go on and on and she even does Theater.

Billy Zane who is best known for playing Hughie in Dead Calm and for his role in Titantic as Caledon Hockley.

And Kirsten Nelson who is best known for her role on Psych as Chief Vick.

2 more posts to go. One more Psych auto and one mystery epic card. The Psych autograph is a biggie, so stay tuned to part 2 tomorrow

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  1. Some great cards! Psych had so many great guest stars over the years.