Saturday, June 18, 2016

Reminiscing 90's SPECIAL EDITION:1988 Pull Speed Ahead Ghost

Alright, I have some explaining to do. Yes, this segment is called, Reminiscing 90's. Yes, this is a toy from 1988. Yes, I do know the difference between 90's and 80's. However, I am making a case for this toy and keeping the segment still 90's because I watched the show mostly in the 90s and it ran from 1986-1991. So in order to make sure I do this right, I am keeping the toys as their real years, but I am coming up with random year of either 1990 or 1991 for the posts. That way it's as close to realistic as I can get and keeping tradition going with the posts.

I think my timing on this upcoming Ghostbusters mania is good due to the new movie releasing this year. I still don't know how I feel about that movie yet as I am one for originals of any movie, but we will see.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Key notes for June 18th 1990:
June 11th 1991 was a Monday
George H.W.Bush was President
Most Popular Movie released in June of 1990 was Robo Cop 2
Most Popular Book around this time was Rosamunde Pilcher
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on June 18th 1990 was It Must Have Been Love by Roxette.
Most Popular TV Shows: Seinfeld

Believe it or not, I got this toy for FREE at a Yard Sale. It was sitting in a free box and I quickly scooped it up recognizing it from my childhood. It's missing the pull component, but the rest of the toy is in pretty good shape.

The toy is simple, activates "full" speed ahead when you pull out the pulling mechanism.

I thought today's ghost is a bit scary, so I wanted to find some cardboard that matched how scary it was. So look out, these players faces might scare ya!


He stares into your soul!

The quite one down the street with a hidden secret...

That creepy neighbor...

Which card pic from the 90's scares you the most??

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  1. June 1990... was right about the time I graduated high school. Robo Cop 2 was the top movie at the time? Wow. Kinda sad since most of the summer blockbusters should have been rolling out.