Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1992 Topps Football's Finest

Finest was the first available Finest out there for collectors. You could only get it in a 1992 factory set.

They were sharp looking cards for being early 90's especially with the metallic chrome technology and I never knew they existed til my buddy at Jammin JDcards traded it to me. I always assumed that 1994 was the first Finest. Which I guess you can still say that, but only as the first official full product.

Imagine what refractors would have looked like on this however...

It appears there were 44 cards in a factory set and it also appears that I want to chase down the rest of them. Would be a fun set to have and to show off to you guys.
What do you guys think? Dig it? Hate it? Do you own any?

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  1. I had a few of these, I definitely liked them at the time. Nowadays parallels are out of control, the features of a card like this set provided are now so commonplace it's tough to remember when they were special. Good topic!